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Writing Inquiry Group – 2024 

Year-long Collaborative Inquiry and Support for the teaching of Writing
facilitated by Katie Ashmead 

Our popular Writing Inquiry Group will continue for its ninth year!

This is a Pedagogical Inquiry Group – not a workshop.

We created this Inquiry Group for all the educators who have participated in our Introductory Mini Courses and who are looking to extend and enrich their pedagogy of writing. Katie will follow the interests and questions from the group and facilitate dialogue where teachers troubleshoot, inspire and support each other.

It is essential to understand that these are NOT facilitated like a workshop
where everything is pre-prepared. 

Hope you can join us! 


Agentic Writers

Building identity, self-efficacy and purpose with young writers aged 3-15.

In Person event – Friday 24th May

Matt Glover and Lisa Burman 

Matt and Lisa have formed a strong professional collaboration since Matt first visited South Australia in 2017.  Now, you have a chance to engage with the ideas they’ve most recently been exploring in their own work: how educators can intentionally create the conditions for young writers to feel a sense of agency in their learning.

When young writers feel a sense of agency, they:

* Are driven from within. They do not need extrinsic rewards for motivation.

* Have their own purposes for writing.

* Find personal meaning and relevance in their text creation.

* Have a strong identity as a writer.

* Are self-directed and initiate their own writing. They are not dependent on the adult.

* Transfer their learning to other areas of schooling and home.

* Participate in the shared thinking of a community of writers.

Whilst we are all born with the capacity for agency, not all pedagogical approaches honour or support learners to act on it. This workshop day will share specific, intentional teaching decisions each educator can make that will create the conditions for writer agency to thrive.

No matter if you are working with our youngest writers (who create texts with mark-making, oral language and bookmaking) or with more mature writers (who live with a writer’s notebook to play with their ideas and words), this day will speak to your context.

Overview of Day:

Keynote: Lisa Burman

Matt and Lisa will each lead a workshop in smaller groups.

Preschool and Foundation: with Lisa, then with Matt

Primary and Middle School: with Matt, then Lisa

Keynote: Matt Glover

📍Grange Gold Club – White Sands Dr, Grange SA 5022, Australia
🗓️ Friday 24th May 2024 am ACST

Hope you can join us! 

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Becoming a Better Writing Teacher (F-9)

with Matt Glover

This highly practical workshop day will draw on Matt’s latest book, co-authored with Carl Anderson: How to Become a Better Writing Teacher. As he always does, Matt will expertly explore the how and also the why, explaining the benefits and rationale behind each of his intentional teaching move. We are sure you will leave with pages of notes, ideas you can use with the young writers you work with.

Matt will share high impact strategies that will help you:

* get to know each young writer

* increase learner engagement in writing

* become curriculum decision-makers

* individualise your explicit, intentional teaching (instruction)

* connect young writers to mentor authors.

📍Ngutu College

32 Audley St, Woodville North

SA 5012, Australia


Hope you can join us! 

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Introduction to Bookmaking 

Online Mini Course – Term 2


Facilitated by Mimi Hayward and Katie Ashmead

This Mini Course has a specific focus on working with 4 – 8 year old writers in Kindergarten (Preschool) and Early Years of School.

Registrations close Wednesday, 8th May, 6 pm ACST. 


Early Childhood Educators understand that young children bring with them a wealth of literacy understandings and competencies as they begin Kindergarten and Reception. The Book-making approach to literacy values and honours children’s prior learning, their cultural competence and their dispositions for learning. It uses these to drive learning deeper and to create a culture of thinking, talking and noticing about books. It values the intellectual quality of mark-making as an essential component of being a writer.

A book-making approach not only sees children from this competent lens, it empowers children to see themselves as competent writers. The approach challenges pedagogical practices that see children as empty learners; who are needy because they know so little.

We have facilitated workshops about the Pedagogy of Bookmaking for over 14 years – throughout South Australia, in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, USA, Canada and Shanghai! This rich pedagogy engages children in language and literacy, motivates them to become deeply involved in their learning and also excites educators when they see children learning to their potential.

You will learn:

the guiding principles for this rich pedagogical approach

ways to get started whether you are working in a preschool or primary context

how to use literature to power up your teaching

how Bookmaking empowers children to see themselves as readers and writers

how Bookmaking also is a context for developing oral language through language composition

an introduction to how you can organise the teaching and learning (curriculum) in meaningful ways

Please note: registration for this mini course is for 2 sessions and will be facilitated via Zoom (will be recorded and available for 2 weeks if you’re not able to make that time zone):

Saturday 11 May 2024 – 9:30am – 2:30pm (Australian Central Standard Time)

Saturday 1 June 2024 – 9:30am – 1:00pm (Australian Central Standard Time)

2024 Webinar Series



Bring Back the Singing 

Back by popular demand in Term 2


6-week Webinar Series (15 mins each session)

facilitated by Mimi Hayward and Angela Kernahan


Will you help us “Bring Back the Singing” into your daily interactions with children? Join the mission for 2024 and let’s hear our voices sing and see our bodies move!

4:00 – 4:15 pm each Thursday for 6 weeks

(recording available for one week after)

Week 1 – Thursday 9 May

Week 2 – Thursday 16 May

Week 3 – Thursday 23 May

Week 4 – Thursday 30 May

Week 5 – Thursday 6 June

Week 6 – Thursday 13 June



Environments for Learner Agency #2

New webinar series

Each 20-minute session will be recorded and available for 4 weeks after the session.

Join us for our new webinar series, designed to showcase the intentional planning of the learning environments in four early childhood (3-8 years) settings. Connections will be made to Lisa’s new book, A Culture of Agency – Fostering Engagement, Empowerment, Identity, and Belonging in the Early Years. 

In each 20-minute session, you will:

Have a short video tour of a preschool or early years of primary learning space.

Listen to the conversation between Lisa and educators, about how they planned the environment to support children’s agency.

Have the opportunity to ask questions.

Webinar #2: Wednesday 5th June 2024

Reception (Foundation) Learning Spaces – a tour with Megan Fyffe

4:00 pm – 4:20 pm (Central Australia Time)

We will be aiming to offer 1 ‘Environments for Learner Agency’ webinars each Australian term, each advertised and registered separately. 

0411 260 972


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