What People Are Saying About Lisa


“The St Francis Xavier’s school staff have worked closely with Lisa in the areas of Spelling and Developing the Craft of Writing. Lisa’s knowledge and informed research is relevant, current and transferable to the classroom, making an immediate difference. Our teachers at SFX have been engaged and motivated by Lisa’s contemporary approach to literacy development; her willingness to model her teaching ideas and her ability to lead best practice pedagogy has been valued by staff.

At SFX we have provided the staff with half day release to work with Lisa in learning teams using a modelling and coaching approach. When teachers come to me and share their excitement about what they have been learning with Lisa, I know that something special and valuable is taking place. These changes are not achievable in the one off staff meeting model.

I wholeheartedly commend Lisa Burman and the courses she is offering. She is a connected and passionate educator with a broad depth of experience and knowledge, and a willingness to adapt her course content to suit the needs of her client.”   

Joe DeTullio, Principal

St Francis Xavier’s (R-7)