These sets of bookmarks have been designed to support children’s reading comprehension. After all, if we don’t read for meaning, we’re just ‘barking at the print’, saying the words out loud without understanding. In this multi-modal world, it is even more important that we teach children to think critically about texts and learn strategies to infer and synthesise for deeper understandings.  We need to start by teaching how to think as we read and view.

Reading is thinking and these bookmarks will support children to transfer and practise strategies as they read independently.

You can copy one for each child to reinforce some key explicit whole class/small group teaching. Or spend a little time copying and creating a complete set so you can differentiate learning during Reading Conferences.

Download a PDF file, copy, cut, fold and glue to create simple and inexpensive bookmarks.

New bookmarks will be added in the future too! And plans are in place to create some videos to show you these in action. Stay tuned.

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Sets (each with 6 bookmarks):

General Comprehension Strategies:

  • Make connections
  • Visualise
  • Summarise
  • Ask Questions
  • Predict
  • Synthesise

Thinking about Narratives:

  • Who is the main/supporting character?
  • Thinking about the plot
  • Thinking about character traits that are helpful (EY)
  • Thinking about character traits that are helpful (M-UP)
  • Thinking about character traits that are unhelpful (EY)
  • Thinking about character traits that are unhelpful (M-UP)
  • BONUS: Thinking about characters’ feelings chart

Reading like a Researcher:

  • Ask questions before reading
  • Read diagrams
  • Focus your research
  • Researchers visualise
  • Researchers predict vocabulary
  • Think about the numbers you read

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