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Online Learning – at your place, in your time, at your pace!

“I believe children learn through play, but I’m afraid to include too much play because my principal/district/parents don’t really understand.”

 “I want to understand more about play so I can be more confident when explaining how children learn through play.”

 “I want to explore the value of learning through play with my colleagues so we can develop a common approach.”

Do these comments sound like you?

Children enter the world of literacy through their play. But too many educators around the globe feel he pressure to teach in ways that are anything than playful.

It doesn’t feel right, but the pressure is real.

You want to advocate for a rich childhood, filled with play, joy and learning that engages all the senses. But you’re asked:

“But what Reading Level is she on?
“Will  he  meet the Numeracy benchmarks  by  the   end  of  the   year?”
 “Why aren’t you teaching the alphabet to the three year olds?”
“Can I have some phonics worksheets for home so my child doesn’t fall behind?”

If you’re struggling with this, then the Playful Literacy eCourse if for YOU!



What you’ll  learn in the Playful Literacy eCourse:

Contemporary  definitions of literacy and theories of learning

Ways to develop literacy through and in  play

Understanding play as a pedagogical stance

Understanding symbolic play as the root of print-literacy

Skills in observing children in play – noticing and naming the literacy

Confidence to advocate for playful learning modes

Ways to plan for playful learning and align to your curriculum frameworks


Here’s what people are saying about the Playful Literacy eCourse…

“Very inspiring and motivational! A nice balance of theory and practical ideas for application in the classroom or childcare setting. The planning tools and samples of how to align “playful practices” with written curriculum standards were helpful. The content was clearly presented, easy to navigate, and I appreciated being able to work at my own pace. Looking forward to the next e-Course!  Vicki Shaver

“This was my first e- course and I found it refreshing to be able to go over notes and take my own time with the learning. The reflection and observation guides were valuable and added depth to my learning. My expectations with the course were met and even though a lot of this learning was not new to me I found it exciting to be able to revisit and confirm what we as preschool educators know. It has given me some excellent ideas for story tables and also for planning and assessment links. Thank you, Lisa!”  Jenny McMahon

“I’m a Primary Teacher in New Zealand and just wanted to say that I am loving this course. I have completed quite a few online courses and I have to say that this one is very well set out and easy to follow. The Reflection Guides are great – I love how I can type my notes straight into the document. I am always so excited to get back to this course!” Amy Maw

“Absolutely fantastic to have something that focusses on both early childhood and Foundation/early years of school. It was great to be able to undertake professional training alongside my school teacher colleagues and learn from them in the process. it has certainly brough the connection between the school and kindergarten at St Mel’s. Thanks Lisa!”  Miriam Stewart

Lisa is a truly inspiring educator who I look up to and have been able to gain so much knowledge that I have then used in my teaching. It is through her mentoring that I have been able to grow as an educator. I look forward to each time that I work with Lisa and feel very supported knowing that she is only an email away if I need some advice.
Emma Dawson – Coordinator of Engagement and Positive Relationships, Alberton Primary School

The 5 modules explore:

Module 1 – Build Your Personal Theories
Module 2 – Symbolic Functioning: Where literacy begins
Module 3 –  Oral Language: Why play is needed
Module 4 – Mark-Making: The beginning of writing
Module 5 – Planning for Success


Commonly Asked Questions:

I’ve never done an online course before – what is it like?

I personally talk you though a series of slides that you’ll follow at your own pace on the screen. You have control over how slowly or quickly you work through each Module. The downloadable Reflection Guide supports your thinking with key points from each Module and guide questions and prompts so you can make connections along the way. In between Modules there are recommended foci for observing children learning as they play. The downloadable Observation Guide supports you in your observations and in naming the learning in YOUR context.

How long does each Module take?

It is difficult to know this exactly, because everyone learns at their own pace and will take different amounts of time to journal and/or discuss with colleagues. However, a rough estimate is that each Module will take approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. Modules are also broken into parts so you have the option of breaking it down even further if this suits you.

Do I need to do the Modules in order?

Yes. The Modules are designed to build on each other and need to be followed in order. However, you can always return to a previous Module if you want to review anything.

How long will the whole eCourse take?

Again, this is hard to know as your personal schedule will determine how often you can engage with the online materials. I recommend that you give yourself a week in between each Module so you can consolidate your thinking and also have time for the Between Module Observations. For this reason, the Modules are ‘dripped’ out to you once a week. But don’t worry if reports are due or your children get sick and you don’t get to a Module one week. You will have access to it until you have the time to devote to your learning.

Do I get Professional Development credit for the hours of professional learning?

At the completion of Module 5, a certificate of participation for 15 hours will be supplied to you. (This is based on 2 hours per Module and an estimated 5 hours for the Between Module Observations.)

How does it work if I purchase a Team Registration?

The Small and Medium Team Registrations have been created to encourage and support teams to learn together. We all know we learn so much more when we have the chance to talk about our thinking and listen to others’ ideas. When you purchase one Team Registration, you have one log-in (under the name and email address of the person who registered) so you can sit together around a computer or screen and work through the Modules together, pausing occasionally to discuss and share your thinking.

If you want separate log-ins (for example, to work through the Modules independently and then meet as a group to discuss) you will need to purchase Individual Registrations. At under $20 per hour for your professional development, they still offer great value.

But what if I don’t have a team to learn with?

Don’t worry! You will still get a lot from the eCourse if you need to learn on your own. I’ve designed Reflection Guides to support you to journal about your thinking. In fact, even if you’re learning with a team it is a good idea to journal your ideas. The Observation Guides will also support you to make connections to your context. And one of the reasons I decided to use Thinkific as the hosting site for my eCourses is each eCourse has a Discussions capacity. So if you like to feel connected to some others who are learning through the eCourse at the same time as you, you can post ideas or questions in the Discussions and build some online connections. I check in on the Discussions from time to time also.

What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer with speakers and access to a reliable internet service. The course modules have been thoroughly tested across multiple devices and browsers and are all functioning correctly, but occasionally some users have run into issues. These are usually related to specific computers, internet browsers, internet connections or school security firewalls. To avoid the frustration of being blocked by your site’s security firewall (which unfortunately we can’t control), we recommend that prior to beginning the eCourse, you contact your school’s ICT/Network manager about removing any security block on the eCourse or Thinkific site. The Thinkific platform seems to be more stable running through Google Chrome, so that you may like to ensure you have this web-browser installed. On the rare occasion that participants had difficulty with the audio, it was due to their low internet speed. Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything about this. As mentioned, we have thouroughly tested the eCourse on multiple devices.

What do I get for this Registration Fee?

Access to all 5 Modules
Reflection Guide for each Module
Observation Guide for 4 Modules
Downloadable examples and templates for planning for playful literacy learning
Free Bonus: eBook “5 Fabulous Story Tables – Getting Started with Playful Literacy.” (A$20 value)

Looking forward to working with you!