Current Workshops and Courses

Inquiry Groups

Writing in the Early Years Inquiry Group 2019 (Bookmaking)

Saturday 2 March | 9.30am – 1pm

Join a small group of like-minded educators from kindergartens (prior-to-school) and primary school settings to deepen your understandings about the pedagogy of Bookmaking and Writing Workshop.

This Study Group is most suited to educators who have previously participated in our Introductory mini-courses and are seeking a community for support and fresh ideas.

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Writer’s Notebook Inquiry Group 2019

Saturday 2 March | 9.30am – 1pm

Join a small group of like-minded educators from primary school settings to deepen your understandings about the pedagogy of Writing Workshop and the use of Writer’s Notebooks.

This Study Group is most suited to educators who have previously participated in our Introductory mini-courses and are seeking a community for support and fresh ideas.

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Mini Courses & Workshops

Map Your Year of Writing – Planning Spotlight Studies

Saturday 9 February | 9.30am – 1pm

This is a follow-up workshop for those who have already participated in ourIntroduction to Bookmaking or Introduction to Writer’s Notebook Mini Courses.

Introduction to Writing Workshop R-7 (Bookmaking & Writer’s Notebook)

Monday 11 February | 9am – 3.30pm

This new model combines the existing Introduction to Bookmaking &Introduction to Writer’s Notebook Mini courses. Katie and Amanda will introduce the philosophy behind Writing Workshop in Primary School settings. It will include introductions to “Making Books” and “Writer’s Notebooks” as two ‘containers’ for writing within the Writing Workshop.

This is an ideal workshop for teams to participate in together.

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Introduction to Book Making with 3-8 Year Olds  – Term 1 2019

Saturday 16 March | 9.30am – 3pm

This Mini Course has a specific focus on working with 3 – 8 year old writers in Kindergarten and Early Years of School.

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Introduction to Writer’s Notebook – Term 1 2019

Saturday 16 March | 9.30am – 3pm

This mini-course will introduce the philosophy behind Writer’s Notebooks and Writing Workshop and put particular emphasis on establishing a writing community from the beginning of the school year. Participants will also learn some specific writing devices that are easy to teach and learn in order to improve the quality of writing.

This mini-course is most suited to educators working with young writers in Years 3-7.

“I am a Reader!” Build Strong Reading Identities in Preschool

Monday 18 March | 9am – 3.30pm

This is a workshop specifically designed for educators working with 3-5 year olds in a Kindergarten/Preschool setting.   You’ll learn ways to intentionally create opportunities for children to:

– use their agency as readers

– to develop understandings of how reading influences and supports our day to day living

– see themselves as readers and build a strong disposition to engage with texts

– develop strategies for meaning making with texts

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Effective Mini Lessons in Writing Workshop (F-7)

Saturday 23 March | 9.30am – 1pm

We have responded to your feedback to offer this new workshop that will focus on planning for mini lessons that are clear, concise and engaging for your young writers. It will assume some background knowledge of the philosophy and practices of Writing Workshop and is ideal for those who have already participated in the introductory sessions about bookmaking or writer’s notebook.  This morning is suitable for teachers working with F-7 authors. 

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SSOs Supporting Learning Series

Friday 29 March | 9am-12pm

Teachers and children rely on co-educators (ECWs, SSOs, PSWs, BSSOs) as they embrace the wonderful messiness that is learning. This is never more apparent than in Writing Workshop when ‘just right, just in time’ learning happens everyday!

We have developed our SSOs Supporting Learning Series with just this in mind – it has been created specifically for co-educators in Kindergartens & Primary settings.

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Playful Literacy

Children enter the world of literacy through their play. They bring with them a wealth of literacy understandings and competencies as they enter educational settings. Taking a playful pedagogical stance to literacy values and honours children’s prior learning, their dispositions for learning and holds a positive, competent view of the child. It enables children to use their natural ways of learning – playing, moving, talking, listening. observing, reading social cues, imagining and creating.

This eCourse explores symbolic play, oral language and mark-making as the roots of print-based literacy. Reading and writing depend on the conceptual understandings, knowledge and dispositions that are developed as children play. You can participate on your own or with a small team of colleagues.

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Spelling Investigations

The Spelling Investigations eCourse is the culmination of many years of reading, thinking, talking, experimenting, tweaking and experimenting again. It’s not ‘everything about spelling’ and it’s not perfect. (BTW – Nothing is perfect – time we all accepted that!) The eCourse seeks to offer some clarity over all the competing messages about spelling and draws on the inspiring work of educators and researchers such as Misty Adoniou, Tessa Daffern, Diane Snowball and Faye Bolton.

Spelling Investigations will give you a path into exploring spelling in ways that respect the learning potential of every child to research, make connections, see patterns and construct theories. This needs to start before the first Spelling Investigation, of course, when you mindfully create a culture of curiosity with the young writers you work with.

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The Power of Our Words

This short eCourse explores how educator language plays a critical role in communicating the importance of learning dispositions such as purposefulness, perseverance and flexible thinking. It will support you to reflect on how the words you use can create the conditions for children to build an identity as a strong learner.

Whilst the eCourse includes examples from early childhood education, the importance of this topic is not limited to working with young children. No matter what age group you teach, The Power of our Words will provide you with food for thought about the words you use every day.

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