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Complexity Support in Your Context

Teaching can be wonderful. Rewarding, challenging and enjoyable.

And, teaching can be hard.

We work in complex settings, with large groups of human beings, who are all unique and complex in their own way. Busy, complex humans who all need a little piece of us at the same time. It is no surprise that sometimes, we find it impossible to step back and see what is really going on in our learning spaces.

Wouldn’t it be great if, amid all this, we had an experienced, supportive colleague who we could call upon to observe the complexity and help us to find our way through it.

At Lisa Burman Consultants, we can be that colleague. Whether it is one child’s strengths and needs that you are struggling to understand, or a dynamic between children or elements which is proving to be more of a challenge than an opportunity.

We can spend time (usually half a day) observing, hypothesizing, trying out strategies and making recommendations which might just help everyone in your setting move forward. We call this particular “pedagogical consultancy” work… Complexity Support in Your Context.

Amanda Bartram

Amanda Bartram has many years of experience supporting children with learning challenges to be agents in their own learning. The skills and knowledge Amanda developed (and continues to build) during her work as an Autism Therapist and Support Worker, together with her passion for seeing the competent, capable child and Educator lead her to provide strategic and practical support in even the most challenging situations. Amanda is passionate about building Educators’ understandings of areas such as neurodiversity, sensory challenges and principles of inclusion. She brings this to her work, integrating this knowledge with an ability to view challenges from a holistic perspective.

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“During her visit, Amanda noticed things about our children that we couldn’t see and gave us strategies that supported our whole group to be successful at preschool.

I didn’t achieve the outcome I thought I was looking for by having Amanda come in, but as an educator I now have the tools to watch children and research them. My understanding of children’s body language, what they are saying with their shoulders etc and where they choose to position themselves has helped me see so much about my new children, even though I’ve only had them for 2 days.”

Rose Snook, Preschool Leader

“I recommend the work of Amanda Bartram as a Consultant in Pedagogical Growth, (Lisa Burman Consultants) providing support in complex learning situations. Amanda always provides reliable, empathetic advice and succinct observations to guide future pedagogical practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda as a person of trust and professionalism.”

Kerry White, Principal

Holy Family Catholic School

0411 260 972


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