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Specialists in Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Playful Learning

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We are a small group of education consultants who specialise in Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Playful Learning.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we have national and international experience in supporting educators in early childhood and primary (elementary) settings to provide rich, engaging, playful and authentic learning environments.   

    Lisa Burman launched this consulting company in 2008 and continues to lead and guide our thinking and work as we expand.

    Who We Are

    lisa burman


    Director & Principal Consultant

    Lisa is an experienced teacher and school leader.  She currently works as a Pedagogical Consultant in Australia, supporting educators and prior-to-school and primary school leaders to develop site wide plans for pedagogical change.  Lisa’s interests include early childhood education and care, imbedding and contextualizing the principles of the Reggio Emilia educational project within learning environments, play, literacy learning, inquiry learning and strengthening children’s connections to nature. She is passionate about pedagogies that see children as capable and competent learners who are skilled in researching life and making connections. Her favourite work is side-by-side with children and educators in their learning settings.

    Lisa has presented at a number of national and international conferences, including International Reading Association Annual Convention (Chicago, 2006), Australian Literacy Educators Association Annual Conference (Darwin, 2006), National Staff Developers Association New York State Conference (Rochester, 2006) and National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Convention (Atlanta, 2006).  She was honoured to be invited to give a “RED-TALK” at the REAIE Landscapes of Imagination conference in 2015. Each year she is invited to present keynote addresses and facilitate workshops at regional and international conferences.  Her first book was published by Redleaf Press and is titled “Are You Listening? Fostering Conversations that Help Young Children Learn”.


    amanda bartram


    Associate Consultant

    Amanda Bartram is a passionate and innovative early years educator. She lives her belief that children are competent and capable – a view which underpins her daily work with children, their families and other educators.


    Amanda loves spending time playing and learning with children from 3 to 18 years of age – supporting them to be fully engaged agents in their own learning. She also collaborates with their educators – developing strategies for deep involvement, increased wellbeing, community connections and personalised learning.


    Amanda has a particular interest and experience in developing inclusive and effective learning dispositions and strategies for children with learning differences and engagement challenges.

    katie ashmead


    Associate Consultant

    Katie began her career in England and has been working in Adelaide for over 12 years. She is experienced with a diverse range of skills. Having implemented Writers Workshop with a bookmaking focus for Reception (Foundation) to year 3 children over a number of years she is passionate about creating opportunities for playful and powerful learning for children in their first years of school. In partnership with Marilyn Hayward, she has facilitated the Introduction to Bookmaking mini courses for Lisa Burman Consultants since 2014. These focus on the Bookmaking pedagogy with three to eight year olds.

    For the last two years Katie has facilitated the Bookmaking Inquiry group and has coached teachers on implementing book making into their sites. She has also welcomed many educators into her Writing Workshops so they can observe and feel the power of this pedagogy first-hand.

    Katie is understanding of the challenges teachers face both as newly qualified and long term teachers and believes that every child matters. Katie facilitates professional learning in Writers Workshop, Reading Workshop and leads teachers in professional dialogue.


    Associate Consultant

    Mimi brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to Lisa Burman Consultants. She has led the learning of Early Childhood Educators in South Australia and in New York City.  Mimi believes that every child is born a competent learner and is a powerful advocate for in depth project-based learning with young children, where they are supported to explore big ideas.

    Mimi facilitates workshops and Professional Learning Projects that focus on her interests of inquiry-based project work, playful pedagogies, nature-based learning and literacy. She is one of the lead consultants for the ‘Bookmaking Literacy Approach’ with children aged 3-8.


    Lisa is both responsive to our new challenges and inspires us to go even deeper and explore how we can continuously improve. Her approach meets all staff at their point of nudge and as such teachers and co-educators alike scramble to work alongside her.

    Lisa has had a huge impact on the school through co-authoring School Literacy Agreements; on individual staff, empowering them through co-planning and modelling effective approaches to literacy; and on children, directly through her presence in classrooms and indirectly through the improved practices of staff.

    Andrew Plastow | Principal
    Ngutu College

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