About Us

Lisa Burman

Director and Principal Consultant

Lisa is an experienced teacher and school leader.  She currently works as a Pedagogical Consultant in Australia, supporting educators and prior-to-school and primary school leaders to develop site wide plans for pedagogical change.  Lisa’s interests include early childhood education and care, imbedding and contextualizing the principles of the Reggio Emilia educational project within learning environments, play, literacy learning, inquiry learning and strengthening children’s connections to nature. She is passionate about pedagogies that see children as capable and competent learners who are skilled in researching life and making connections. Her favourite work is side-by-side with children and educators in their learning settings.

Lisa has presented at a number of national and international conferences, including International Reading Association Annual Convention (Chicago, 2006), Australian Literacy Educators Association Annual Conference (Darwin, 2006), National Staff Developers Association New York State Conference (Rochester, 2006) and National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Convention (Atlanta, 2006). Each year she is invited to present keynote addresses and facilitate workshops at regional and international conferences. Lisa writes a quarterly newsletter and is presently working on ideas for her second book.  Her first book was published by Redleaf Press and is titled “Are You Listening? Fostering Conversations that Help Young Children Learn”.


Amanda Bartram

Amanda is a passionate and innovative early years educator, who has recently embraced the ‘wonderful messiness’ of consultancy work with Lisa Burman Consultants.

In her previous role at Blair Athol North B-7 School, Amanda developed a model of ‘doing school differently’ with a group of children in years 2 to 7 in the Red 5 Studio project. In this project, educators listened and responded to children in authentic ways; providing possibilities for engagement, increased wellbeing, a sense of community connectedness and a deep commitment to personalised learning – including children planning their own learning every day!

Amanda lives her belief that children are competent and capable – a view which underpins her daily work with children, their families and other educators.

Amanda facilitates professional learning in areas such as: Engaging Learning Environments, Bookmaking & Writer’s Notebooks, Nature Play, Loose Parts & Blocks and Making & Tinkering.


Marilyn Hayward

Marilyn brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to Lisa Burman Consultants. She has led the learning of Early Childhood Educators in South Australia and in New York City and is currently Co-President of EChO (Early Childhood Organisation SA). Marilyn believes that every child is born a competent learner and is a powerful advocate for in depth project-based learning with young children, where they are supported to explore big ideas.

Marilyn facilitates workshops and Professional Learning Projects that focus on her interests of inquiry-based project work, playful pedagogies, nature-based learning and literacy. She is one of the lead consultants for the ‘Bookmaking Literacy Approach’ with children aged 3-8.



Dannielle Gibson

Dannielle leads an early childhood team in a stand-alone kindergarten (preschool) and is also Co-President of EChO. She was honoured to represent EChO at the Partners table of the recent Rinaldi Residency – Re-imagining Childhood in Adelaide, where she had the opportunity to work closely with Carla Rinaldi from Reggio Emilia. Dannielle is passionate about creating learning environments and experiences that offer all children the opportunity to shine. She believes that in working with the competent child, educators also work from a competent view of the parent in order to truly collaborate.

Dannielle facilitated professional learning in the areas of inquiry-based project work; engaging learning environments; using pedagogical documentation to guide learning that follows the child; and wellbeing.



Angela Kernahan

Angela brings a great knowledge and experience about the pedagogy of reading to the team at Lisa Burman Consultants. She is a Reading Recovery trained educator and leads the learning of teachers in the early years and primary years through her work as a Reading Coach and Key Literacy Teacher. She is an experienced early childhood educator, with an emphasis on the primary setting and joins the rest of the team in being passionate about creating continuity between prior-to-school and school learning experiences for children and families.

Angela is one of our lead consultants for reading and facilitates professional learning in areas such as Reading Comprehension Strategies; the role of fluency in reading; wellbeing; and playful learning.