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Early Childhood Education


Playful Learning

We are a small group of education consultants who specialise in Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Playful Learning.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we have national and international experience in supporting educators in early childhood and primary (elementary) settings to provide rich, engaging, playful and authentic learning environments.   

    Lisa Burman launched this consulting company in 2008 and continues to lead and guide our thinking and work as we expand.

    Our passions and interests include

    Belief that each child is born a powerful learner and that the richest learning experiences build upon this

    Authentic, meaningful childhoods for all – with the right to play, to be included, to be listened to

    Nature play and the need for humanity to be connected with nature

    Playful learning in all its forms: tinkering, making, messing about, bookmaking, loose-parts…

    The need for education to focus on intellectual, dispositional and wellbeing goals rather than an over-focus on the ‘academic push-down’

    Pedagogies that help children develop strong identities as learners, readers and writers

    Working with Lisa has transformed the way I teach Literacy in my classroom. Her pedagogy on teaching Reading and Writing through the use of a Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook and the structure of workshops and mini lessons, has provided me with a more focused and clear way to work with my students so they become successful readers and authors.

    Domenique Laurendi | M-UP Teacher
    Star of the Sea School, Henley Beach

    0411 260 972


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